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    3 Master Classes

    with Dey Dos



    PRICE 90 Euros for access to the three videos.

  • Our Story

    We know each other for a long time, but it was in 2014 that we started co-hosting together learning spaces in the shape of international conferences and retreats mostly in Portugal, or participating and a series of conferences around the world as facilitators, trainers, hosts and coaches.


    During all these time our careers and paths have crossed twice a year for the Global LEAD Conference that we deliver in Portugal for an international crowd coming from over 40 countries.


    After Dey suffered from chronic mental illness (still passing and healing from it), we came together to reflect and re-evaluate our togetherness, deciding to launch and learn with all the practices accumulated along these years. 

    Playing with all our talents to offer extraordinary learning experiences to individuals, groups, teams and organizations based on cutting-edge social and learning technologies.


    It is then where "World Inner Tribe" (Hendrik's learning start up), "The Popcorn Academy" (Dey's network of practitioners) and the "Little Zen Corner" (Luis's Studio of oriental practices) come together to form Popcorn4.Life.

    The idea is to integrate all our accumulated learning and experiences into one outrageous learning initiative where we can better serve the world.


    Friendship, togetherness and total faith in each other talents and strengths is the birthplace of Popcorn4.Life.

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    Because every kernel was born to pop!

  • Why Popcorn?

    One of our co-founders speaking about our theory of popcorning.

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    Coaching Sessions 

    with Dey Dos

    With over 20 years of experience as a Life Coach, Dey guarantees your satisfaction at the end of the coaching process.
    Only 2 spots available at the moment.
    (750 Euros for 5 sessions of one hour each)
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    Life Coaching with 

    Hendrik Berberich

    Certified as a Life Coach and with 5+ years of experience internationally, Hendrik will work with you to achieve your objectives.
    Spots are available at the moment.
    (500 Euros for 5 sessions of one hour each)
  • Our Popcorns

    Some of the things we do.

    We are always open to discuss new possibilities to satisfy your needs.


    One to one coaching sessions delivered online. Over 20+ years of experience coaching individuals.


    Group coaching sessions delivered both online and physically. They focus around a commonly agreed topic.


    Insite or outsite training sessions in a large variety of topics. We can also custom design based on your needs.


    Medium to long-term development programs delivered online. These are design to align with your strategy.


    Hosting spaces physically for conflict resolution, R&D, team building, etc. We are Art of Hosting Practitioners.


    We have our own hosting venue with a capacity of 12 people located one hour north of Lisbon, Portugal.


    Delivered several times a year in a wide range of topics. We also deliver customized webinars for your needs.


    Design of trainings that can be delivered by you or other people in your organization.

  • Our Venue

    The place where we host our physical retreats, workations, individual and couple retreats, etc.

    In Portugal one hour north of Lisbon by public transport.


    More things we offer to serve your learning needs.

    December 10, 2021
    #LaCotufa is our retreats venue in Areia Branca (Lourinha) one hour north of Lisbon (Portugal) by...
  • Ask Us

    The first step starts acknowledging your needs. 

    Message to us! We might have the solution you are looking for at a very cost effective price.

    Rua da Bela Vista, 42
    2530 070
  • The Popcorn Team

    The people behind the adventure

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    Dey Dos

    Creative Officer
    When you ask Dey Dos what he does, he simply says "I'm an awesome human popcorn machine." And if you are curious enough to keep on inquiring he may go on explaining what that means to him. He is co-founder and Creative Officer at Popcorn4.Life.
    Dey is a former global president of AIESEC, the world largest youth run organization dedicated leadership development.
    So far he has visited 85 countries in his quest of serving others, himself and the world to design beautiful ways to live life for over 25 years.
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    Hendrik Berberich

    The Big Boss


    Hendrik's guiding question is: "How do we want to live?" For a decade he has been exploring different ways to create a fulfilling and beautiful life as an individual whilst doing the same serving teams, organizations and society to come together.


    He partners with different ventures and organizations as a specialist in regenerative work design and complex facilitation.


    For 10+ years he has been creating spaces for the emergence of new perspectives and mutual learning worldwide.

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    Luis Rodriguez

    Wellbeing Officer


    Luis' main goal in life is: "Make the world a better place." He has been doing that by servicing and inspiring the people that surround him. He is a great listener , even a better hugher, and has a dark and witty sense of humor.


    Apart from 15+ years of experience on the field of customer service; he has also been a professional massage therapist for over 13 years and believes in the power of energy transformation and the way our body postures influence our lives.


    He lives his life standing on three core beliefs: Attitude, Perspective and Decisions.


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